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Animal Mints strain

Looking for an insanely delicious toke that will hit both mind and body with a high level of potency? Animal Mints is totally it. This baby packs a super sweet minty cookie flavor into each and every toke, with a lightly nutty vanilla exhale.

Banana OG strain

Banana OG is an indica-dominant cross of OG Kushand Banana. With a smell and flavor of overripe bananas, this hybrid definitely earns its name. 

Biscotti strain

Coming from the Cookies Fam is Biscotti, bred by crossing Gelato #25 with South Florida OG. Biscotti puts out dense nuggets that are small but drenched in trichomes, making for beautiful buds.

Black Diamond OG Kush


Black Diamond is a hybrid with mostly indica genetics. It is a cross between flavor-engineered Blackberry and Diamond OG, a hybrid derived from OG Kush. This strain delivers a strong, sedative high that still allows for mental lucidity, making it great for concentration and conversation. Aside from its psychoactive potency, Black Diamond also has definite bag appeal, with multicolored flowers and a dynamic, robust aroma. This indica’s THC index has been measured at between 15% and 24%.

Blue Cookies strain

Blue Cookies is established staple hybrids Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry unite to yield this tasty flower with a focused and clearheaded but very relaxed high. Said to be a potent smoke even for cannabis veterans, Blue Cookies has a THC composition that ranges from 20% to an impressive 25%. Note that there is a different (albeit similar) strain called Blue Cookies on the market that is a distinct phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies itself rather than a cross between GSC and Blueberry.

Blue Dream strain

A potent cross between the ever popular classic strains Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream (also known as Azure Haze) is a slightly sativa-dominant strain shrouded in mystery. It is not just dreamy because of its stellar flavor and buzzy cerebral high, but because its history has essentially been wiped from the books with many believing its origins must be a dream.

Blueberry french toast strain

Breakfast is a great meal any time of the day, and if you love all things delicious, then French Toast might be the best way to start your day. This perfect for cooking bud is so flavorful and intriguing, how could you not want to eat it on everything? The breeders at Archive Seed Bank have brought this classic back to life by crossing Perris OG and Face on Fire.

Bubble Gum Kush strain

Bubblegum is an Indica dominant strain that was TH Seeds first entry into the seed community back in 1993 and has since gone on to win four High Times Cannabis Cups. It produces a powerful euphoric high that lifts moods and can render users happily couch-locked.

California gold carts

California gold carts | Cali Gold Carts for sale Cali Gold Carts are Filled with our highest potency extract and

Chem Dawg strain

Chem dawg is a legendary strain with an uncertain genetic history. While it is thought to be crossed from Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces by U.S. breeders, many have laid claim to this strain’s creation. Chem dawg’s origin stories include one account of a complicated seed exchange among fellow growers at a Grateful Dead concert and another tale pinning the strain’s parentage on a Colorado strain called Dog Bud (so named for its tendency to make the smoker roll over like a dog). It has also been used to crossbreed several popular and successful strains. Chem dawg’s THC content has been measured at between 15% and 20%.

Cherry Cookies strain


Girl Scout Cookies has proven to be one of the most popular strain in the modern cannabis market, yielding multiple crossbreeds and distinct phenotypes. The product of Girl Scout Cookies and perennial favorite Cherry Pie, Cherry Cookies is one hybrid with serious bag appeal. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found samples of Cherry Cookies to have an average potency of 20% THC.

Chocolate Hashberry

With a smell indicative of its name, Chocolate Hashberry reeks of chocolate, hashy spice, and sweet berries. This delicious scent comes from combining two fantastic Kush cuts, Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush.